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About John Sommer

John Sommer is a popular music composer. He is the music publisher and contemporary songwriter behind Gfm in Tarzana, California.

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Musical Beginnings

John started playing violin when he was 8 years old. Throughout the years, he spent much of his time in the presence of well-known and accomplished songwriters. He was influenced by Mozart, Beethoven, and Reveille.

John's Music

John is talented in a variety of musical genres. These include:
Ballads | Country | Jazz | Rock'n Roll

A Master of Pop

Although his range spans many different styles, John considers himself a master of pop music. He has even dabbled in rap. In fact, he has two songs that would qualify as rap and hip-hop.

Legendary Mashups

It's no wonder John is considered a master musician, especially after having played with BB King, Albert King, and so many other industry-leading artists. John is also a professional pianist and caught the attention of Henry Steinway, whom he had the opportunity to meet.


John started Gfm with a goal to inspire and spread happiness. He hopes his music will resonate with every person who listens.

Writing Music

John adheres to his goal of creating music you will love so much so that he won't accept payment if you aren't satisfied. This is why he bases his price for every project on what the market will bear and how it relates to the listener. He will continue to write until the song is to your liking.